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OPESS Won the Title of “Leading Enterprise in Energy Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing” for Promoting the Development of Energy Security Strategy

Recently, the 2022 Annual Energy Conference and the 14th China’s Energy Enterprises Summit Forum hosted by Energy magazine were held in Beijing. OPESS was invited to the conference and won the title of “Leading Enterprise in Energy Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing” for its energy storage technology R&D and intelligent software patents.

The theme of the conference was “Energy Transformation and Energy Security”. The participants discussed a series of issues such as how to better achieve carbon neutrality and ensure energy supply in the context of the rapidly changing global situation.

As a solid backing and strong guarantee for clean energy, the energy storage industry can effectively improve the reliability of wind and solar power generation. In the context of the global energy crisis, energy storage, which represents safety and stability, has naturally attracted much attention.

BNEF predicts that there will be a surge in the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage worldwide by the end of 2030, while emphasizing that the 2020s will be the “era of energy storage”.

OPESS focuses on the safety and technological aspects of energy storage systems. Its self-developed energy storage products apply a number of patented technologies and adopt a modular design, which allows for functional and product reconfiguration in a variety of scenarios and improves the adaptability of the products.

The “Leading Enterprise in Energy Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing” award is designed to honor companies that have made outstanding achievements in technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing since both energy transformation and energy security require the development of technology and progress in intelligence.

This award is a recognition and support from the energy industry for OPESS’s persistence in promoting the development of energy storage through technology and boosts OPESS’s energy to promote China’s energy transformation.